Monday, April 30, 2018


The case for creating a full functional and devolved Welsh civil service is a strong one, the day to day consequences of a partially devolved and somewhat periodically Wales focused civil service are self evident. As long as a significant percentage of some (but certainly not all) civil service mandarins careers remain understandably focused across the border on Westminster and Whitehall, and remain largely indifferent towards our national aspirations; then to misquote Jawaharhal Nerhu - the civil service in Wales could be described at times as not particularly Welsh, nor particularly civil, nor particularly a service. 

A unified depoliticised (lets be honest de-labourisation would be no bad thing if we are serious about developing our civic society goes) Wales focused civil service is pretty much a necessity. I would broaden that definition of civil service include our local government staff, NHS and third security admin and technical staff. This would allow people to develop broader careers via secondments, promotions, sideways moves and career placements across the whole of the Welsh public sector. This would be beneficial, help to break down artificial barriers, help avert the dangers of silo thinking and boost our public sector.

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