Thursday, October 5, 2017

1 OUT OF 4

Don’t get me wrong; I think that the news that the £50-million railway station in Llanwern that has been unveiled as part of Plaid Cymru supported spending plans recently unveiled by the Welsh Government is a very good thing. The announcement has come as part of the draft Welsh budget for the 2018-2019 financial year yesterday, including Wales’ first taxes for 800 years. Among the plans are to hand the Welsh NHS an extra £230 million next year and £220 million the year after; £10 million to tackle homelessness; and a proposal to borrow £375 million over the next three years.  

The Llanwern Development
What we are not seeing, at least locally, is a very public commitment to starting the work on the South East Wales Metro – something that is always viewed or at least presented as whole rather than the sum of its parts.  We need to see a lasting and public commitment to the railway stations at Caerleon and Magor, as well as at Llanwern.  There has been a commitment in successive UDP’s since 1986, but precious little has been done to actually get on with it.  Stations at Caerleon, Llanwern and Magor  (with safe, secure and reasonably priced,  if not free parking) would all help reduce road congestion and bring real benefits to commuters and rail passengers. The time for talking is over, its time to commit to breaking ground and getting on with it.

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