Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Responding to the Institute for Fiscal Studies' report showing that 1.1 million women are worse off by £32 a week, Plaid Cymru's Work and Pensions spokesperson, Hywel Williams MP said:

“The problem is not that raising the state pension age for women is unfair – most of us agree that the state pension age should be equal for both men and women. The problem is the irresponsible and damaging way in which it is being raised.

“Women born in the 1950s have faced significant changes to the age at which they can receive the state pension without appropriate notification, with very little notice and much faster than expected.

“These women will have planned their retirement based on long-standing government policy which was changed at the last minute. As a result, some of these women are suffering financial hardship. Finding work at last minute, and at such proximity to retirement age is next to impossible and some are forced to rely instead on Job Seekers’ Allowance.

“The government’s contempt and disregard for their plight was betrayed in a recent debate in which I took part. When pressed the Minister remarked that these women could always take advantage of the government’s wonderful apprenticeship provision. 

“While I’m sure the British Government is pleased that it has delivered billions of pounds for them to spend elsewhere, they must recognise the injustice of their actions and the financial hardship it is causing. Plaid Cymru stands with the women affected by this irresponsible change and we will continue to fight for justice.”

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